Apr 1, 2011

Blake Mycoskie: Founder of TOMS Shoes

He said they would open this tube in June and reveal the next item that TOMS will sell One-for-One.

Got to go backstage as part of my assignment for the "Step-and-Repeat"

Mr. Heavenly

This is one of the few things I didn't shoot for SXSW but rather I found out about via Twitter!

So, after the show I naturally was hoping to meet Michael Cera because 1) I love his work and let's be honest 2) I think he's adorable. Although I love watching his movies, I've never really researched his life. Anyway, a friend Jon convinced me we should wave at Michael backstage every time he looked at the fence of fans to get his attention... one of those times I'm positive he saw me but he looked freaked out. Later that night I did some research and found out his dislike of fame and the idea of fans and how he's kinda skittish about them. Needless to say I felt bad for freaking him out and felt even more like a creepy fangirl than I already had. haha oh well, sorry Michael! I promise I just wanted a handshake and maybe an autograph, nothing creepy! :)

Movie Premieres!

Some of the actors and directors were at the premieres I saw. It was pretty cool. haha

Rainn Wilson, James Gunn, and Ellen Page at the Premiere of "Super"

Rainn impersonating Ellen in the movie.

I believe their laughing about the kid saying who plays a young Rainn in the movie that the movie "Step-Brothers" was probably more inappropriate than "Super" lol

Greg Mottola, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Kristen Wiig at the premiere of "Paul"

Paul Feig and Kristen Wiig at the "Bridesmaids" premiere.


Neon Trees

I felt most excited about this show while I was photographing it... it was also the very last thing I photographed too

She is a badass.

I wish I had a better picture of this but this moment was great.

A lot of the set had a thick one color light scheme at any given time.

1 of 3 favorites

Another favorite

I think this is my personal number 1

The Limousines

This was one of the toughest groups to photograph but I ended up with some of my favorite photos

Greek Fire

The girl left with his jacket before the set was over haha
(she had to take her friend home)